Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pirates in Preschool!

We've been getting into the pirate spirit with our Montessori-Inspired activities and our fun cloud dough pirate-themed sensory bin, but here is what else we've been up to this week.  Lots of amazingly easy pirate activities suitable for kids of all ages!

We started off with the requisite eye patch and pirate flag - so everyone would see us coming!  The flag is constructed from an extra large craft stick and half a sheet of 9x12 paper.  I glued the stick inside a small fold in the paper and then stapled for extra strength.  I cut the eye patch shape freehand, but left a little tab at the top to secure it to the yarn.  I ran a bit of glue along the inside of the tab before stapling, just so it wouldn't slide around.  Just a tip, staple the eye patch so the smooth part of the staple is on the inside closest to the eye - no freak staple accidents on my watch!

I had the kiddos color their flags with a white crayon, which was a huge hit, because, really, how often do you actually get to use the white crayon?

Here's my little pirate, showing off his ensemble made from play silks - which are quite possibly the BEST thing to have in a preschool classroom - they can literally be ANYTHING.  And if you practice, you can learn to fold, tie and shape them into shirts, dresses, hats, dolls, animals, etc.  I got mine here, but they are widely available and you can also purchase them in bulk and dye them yourself - which is how I got that orange one in the picture.
Here's a look from the back in case you are wondering how all that is folded and tied.  Perhaps a tutorial is in my future.

Next up, treasure maps......on parchment paper, of course!  I tried a few methods - markers, crayons, etc, but the colored pencils won out this time.  I plan to try some painting methods on parchment paper soon, though!

Hmmmm.......where DID I leave that treasure??
Daddy even got in on the action today!
This is how the maps went home, because it's all about presentation....

And here's what can happen when you invite your artsy-fartsy husband to draw a treasure map....

Arrrrggghhhhh, Matey!


  1. Fun! My oldest son is definitely going through a pirate phase right now, and he would love some treasure maps. We might have to make one and take a walk through the woods ;)

    1. Sounds fun! I told my husband I'm going to have to design a treasure hunt based on his map. :)

  2. Popping over from the Kids Co-op. Loving your ideas related to preschool pirates! Off to pin it now. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and pinning! :)

  3. your husband has skills! we love pirates in our house, Pirate rock is listened to in our car on every journey.

    1. Oh, thanks, I'll let him know you think so! I rarely get to see his artwork as he's gotten out of it since he's had to have a 'real' job. Being a screen-free family, we've not experienced pirates much, but I have a feeling after this, my little guy will have a new interest!


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