Monday, July 8, 2013

A Summer of 'Firsts'

I've seen a lot of summer 'bucket lists' floating around lately.  They are filled with amazing and usually very simple activities to make your summer something to remember.  I can't say I made any sort of list, which is actually a bit odd since I tend to be a compulsive list-maker, however, I can say that I'm amazed how many firsts we fit into our short vacation this summer.

Monkey's first swim in a lake.

Bear's first up close encounter with a dog - and she was AWESOME with the kids!

Monkey's first fish!  
Caught with my Mickey Mouse fishing rod from when I was his age.

Bear's first feel (and taste) of real grass.

Monkey's first street festival/carnival rides and fun house.

Bear's first nature exploration.

Monkey's first attempt at Frisbee.

Bear's first visit to the beach.

Monkey's first ice cream cone.
The ice cream truck lady actually tried to talk me out of the cone - how can you deprive a kid of an experience like THIS??!!
 Yup, I don't know either, Monkey.

This visit was also the first time Bear met my Mom, which is probably the most important 'first' of all.
What are your little ones experiencing for the first time this summer??


  1. What great pics, looks like they had such a good time!! Awesome :) My little one had a first too. He was a first time chicken-sitter :D

    1. And a wonderful chicken-sitter he was!! Those girls came running to greet me on our first day back expecting some serious lovin'! I'm sure they miss you guys!

  2. had to laugh at that ice cream cone!

    1. So did we! He thought it was the best ice cream cone ever!


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