Sunday, December 15, 2013

Change is Good: A New Look for our Classroom

I've never and I mean NEVER, met a preschool teacher who doesn't love moving the classroom furniture around to give the students a fresh perspective.  Not only does change help keep things interesting for the teacher and the kiddos, it also helps to prevent unwanted behaviors, make space where it is needed, provide different play experiences for the children, etc, etc.  The reasons for change are endless.

Personally, I've always wanted a Waldorf-Inspired classroom.  It has been my goal since I began moving toward the Waldorf philosophy years ago.  The only problem with that goal is that Waldorf appeals to a fairly small community of parents and in my current location, it is practically unknown.  Montessori is much more popular, though because the title 'Montessori' can be used by anyone, it is sometimes difficult to find a TRUE Montessori program.  I am neither Waldorf nor Montessori trained, and so I pull bits and pieces from each and find myself with a fairly balanced and appealing program.  I do have a very-far-in-the-future goal of becoming BOTH Waldorf and Montessori trained, but that shall have to wait until I no longer have itty bitty ones at home.

It could be because the holidays are approaching and I find that to be a wonderful time to de-clutter or I could just be nesting, but I've emptied out quite a bit from the classroom, including the huge bookcases that used to reside in each corner.  Everything has been brought down to the children's level and is looking fresh and bright!

I hope the children enjoy the new set-up when the see it for the first time this week!

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