Friday, June 13, 2014

Our Literary Summer: Week 2 - Mama, Is It Summer Yet?

This week we read Mama, Is It Summer Yet? by Nikki McClure.  This story takes us on a journey from Spring into Summer with a Mama and her Little One watching for signs up the upcoming season in nature; from migrating birds and nesting squirrels to trees flowering and berries ripening.

Here is a look at our activities for the week:

Arm Trees - trace or paint the children's hand and arm to create the tree, then decorate.

Pretend to be a squirrel and go on an Acorn Hunt around the classroom.

Bird Seed Sensory Bin

Strawberry Play Dough - made with strawberry Jello and flax seeds

Strawberry Seed Counting Game

Planting Seeds in a Bag (they are sprouting already!!)

DIY Trail Mix Bar

Hoot Owl Hoot Cooperative Game - these games are awesome!!


Memory Game - This one is great, it has 10 different game cards, one of them is fruit matching, so we did that one on our strawberry day!

Strawberry Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Textured Strawberry Painting - use poppy seeds and a touch of glue with the red paint.

This was a great book selection, there is quite a bit of repetition, so by the end of the week, the children were 'reading' the book right along with me!

I can't wait for next week's literary adventure!!!

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