Sunday, September 14, 2014

5 Senses!

We're moving into week 3 of our lessons on colors and our 5 senses, so we still have lots of fun in store, but I want to share a few activities we've done so far.

Colorful maracas for a hearing-inspired craft.

Textured paint - just add Epsom salt and end up with some lovely sparkly art!
So pretty!

Remember our Color Surprise play dough??  
It got a face lift when I added some googly eyes, rice, glitter, salt and sequins.

My wonderful friend, Amanda was kind enough to dig into her fabric collection and provide me with a variety of textured material.  We spent some time touching and describing each fabric to work on our descriptive language skills!

This is part of a Scent Sort Match Up Kit I purchased.  The kit comes with 30 different scent jars and cards, so I broke them into more manageable groups of 5 for the children to use independently.  These can get tricky, but we'll be expert smellers by the end of the month!

This week, we will be coloring on some textured paper I had left over from my scrap booking days.

Coming soon.....scented and edible play dough!!!

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