Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Water Wall - Part 1

I've been wanting to create a water wall for quite some time and it wasn't until my husband said he could bring home some wood scraps from work that I finally had an inexpensive way to get it done.  It's going to be an ongoing project as I collect the materials I need to add more waterways, but I thought I'd document the process just to show how easy it really is.

I used some funnels and tubes I found at the dollar store to make the first set of waterways.  Just a few holes with a drill, some cable ties and voila!
My son wanted to dive in right away, so I had to think quickly about how I was going to collect the water at the bottom.  I grabbed the tub from my sensory table and filled it up to get him started.

He decided it would be easier to get his bathing suit on and just jump right in, so he did.
I had to place some blocks under the tubes, so they would stick out enough for the water to make it into the sensory tub; a problem I hope I can correct by adding some more bottles and containers as well as smaller catch buckets.  
I leaned the whole thing up against our little climber/slide, so the kiddos could pour from the top, but he hasn't discovered that yet.  I'll wait for that exciting day!  Until then, though, he seems satisfied enough with the preliminary results.

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