Monday, November 4, 2013

Fine Motor Practice: Hanging Bird Feeder

Each month, we get our delivery of the Scholastic publication My Big World.  This mini-magazine is the only 'worksheet' we do at Seedlings, but I absolutely love it and so do the kiddos.

This month, we are talking about Autumn Animals and we used our issue of My Big World to start a discussion about how animals survive the long winter without much food.

After reading the issue and doing the activity on the back page, we decided to make some bird feeders to help out our little feathered friends more easily find a food source.


This hanging bird feeder is probably the easiest bird feeder you can make.  It requires yarn, a small jingle bell and O-shaped cereal of some sort.

Tie the bell around one end of a length of yarn, and wrap a bit of tape around the other end to create a 'needle' for the children to thread the cereal more easily and start stringing!

Apparently, Bear thought we were making a Bear feeder and not a bird feeder.

Depending on the patience of the children making the feeders, they can end up a variety of lengths.  Make a loop at the end of the string (I removed the tape) for easier hanging.

All that's left is to find the perfect branch for your bird feeder and wait for your feathered friends to arrive!


  1. I love this because it's not only fun for the kids and helps practice fine motor skills, but it's helping neighborhood wildlife as well! (I'm an animal-lover at heart!) We made something like this too, but the wildlife we ended up helping was the neighborhood squirrels! Lol!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we help the birds as much as we can, food can be scarce in the desert. Of course, it rained (go figure) the night after we hung ours out, so the birds have been shunning our wet O's. We don't have squirrels, though, so maybe the birds will come eventually.


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