Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our 2014-2015 Classroom

The new school year begins next week and it's time again to change things up.  Last year's big reveal of a refreshed, painted and rearranged classroom was one of my most viewed posts to date.  It may sound odd, but that fact makes me so proud!  Organization and classroom arrangement has always been one of my favorite parts of being a preschool teacher, so the recognition of my work makes me happy. :)

Check out this year's exciting changes and additions!!

First, the big picture....

And another angle....

And another....

One last view....

In the Dramatic Play area, you can find lots of Waldorf-Inspired fun.  Babies, play silks, kitchen and cleaning tools provide for plenty of imaginative play.  This area helps hone social skills and creates many opportunities for language expression and expansion.

Our Cozy Corner and Circle Time Area is a place for resting, reading, songs and stories.  Each kiddo has a picture frame for art projects to be displayed.
Our perpetual calendar was lovingly made by Elizabeth over at Toadstool Forest.  She even made a special Dust Storm Weather Gnome just for us and our crazy AZ weather!

Items on this shelf are changed out occasionally depending on our monthly focus.  Language, math, building, and much, much more!

Our light table has been relocated and given its own shelf.  Any light table toys can also be taken elsewhere in the classroom, allowing for plenty of expansion and creativity.

I've added an additional shelf to serve as part of our science, sensory, writing, art area.  Activities on this shelf are also rotated monthly.  Our work mats are also kept in this area.

Finally, we have our Safe Place with our Feelings Buddies and our Peace Basket.  The Buddies are part of a curriculum to help children master emotional regulation and our Peace Basket contains items that can be used by one or more child when there are big feelings that need to be worked out.

There it is!  I'm so excited to get started with the new curriculum and sharing all of the amazing activities we'll be doing each month!


  1. Your new classroom is beautiful and engaging. I'm sure you and the children are going to have a fabulous year.

    1. Thank you!! I am hoping for a fabulous year for sure!!!

  2. Wow! This is beautiful :) I'm definitely pinning to hopefully be able to implement a bit in our new homeschool set up once we've moved {on a smaller scale though}. I hope you have a wonderful year!


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