Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Our Literary Summer: Week 7 - Way Out in the Desert

It's our last week of desert fun at Seedlings!  We read Way Out in the Desert by TJ Marsh and Jennifer Ward.  This book is a modified version of the classic song Over in the Meadow.  We get a look at quite a few desert creatures and their little ones and there is even a hidden number on each page of the book just for some extra fun!

After a few weeks of desert adventures, there is one thing I learned - desert themes are HARD!  Unless you really know quite a lot about the flora and fauna of our arid landscape, you may run out of ideas by week three - I know I sure did!  But here is a quick look at our arts and crafts for the week:

Hummingbird Garden - 
stamped with scrubby sponges, poppy seed centers and a clip-art hummingbird.

Bubble Wrap Gila Monsters -
I LOVE these guys, how awesome are they? Seriously!  And so simple.  Just paint your bubble wrap, press onto your paper, lift and voila!

Hand Print Tarantulas - with lots of eyes. :)

I'm keeping this one short because I'm working night and day to prep the classroom for the upcoming school year.  I'm so excited about the changes in store, sneak peek coming soon!!

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