Monday, December 8, 2014

Autumn at Seedlings Nursery School

I am pretty sure my New Year's Resolution should be 'Blog More Frequently', but I've never been all that great at sticking to my resolutions.  I will, however, endeavor to try my best. :)

Since I'm a couple of months behind, here's just a quick glance at what we've been doing here at Seedlings.

The Phoenix Zoo brought a wonderful Zoo to You program to Seedlings and we got a chance to see a few colorful creatures up close!  It was an amazing experience for the kiddos and I plan to have the Zoo back again next year!

In October, we worked quite a bit on measurement with the help of our handy measuring tools.
We even had a HUGE ruler on the floor so we could measure ourselves!!

Our outdoor area got a bit of a's not much....but the kids love it!!

We took a closer look at plant life with our Root-Vue Farm.  Despite my best efforts, our garden never really bloomed, but we did get a chance to see some roots forming.  I think I should just stick to growing beans in a baggie. :)  We documented our observations in our Science Journals, though, which always makes the children feel very official and scientific.

In November, plenty of our old favorites returned.  You can see them HERE and HERE.
We also did some popcorn transferring - check out my beautiful multicolored popcorn!  It tastes delicious too!!
And we had some Native American and English Settler small world play.
If you'd like to know where this idea came from and see it executed in a much more artistic and beautifully photographed way, check HERE.  The original idea used water beads and lots of wonderfully detailed elements, but I needed my table to last a few weeks, so water beads were replaced with blue sand for 'water' and I kept it quite simple.

More Seedlings fun coming soon!

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