Monday, March 9, 2015

All About Eggs with Scholastic Classroom Magazines

*I am not a paid spokesperson for Scholastic magazines - I just like them - and that's my disclaimer*
My little Seedlings love their Scholastic magazines! A few times per month, we read an issue together and do lots of fun related activities.  In January, during our animal studies, I pulled out an old issue about eggs and we got to work.
In the classroom, we had a tray for exploration with birds, and a nest and eggs that Monkey made from his Kiwi Crate.

After reading our issue of My Big World, we made our very own nests using bowls, yarn and glue.
They take quite a while to dry, but they turn out adorable!

And to finish off our day, just because I really enjoy special snacks.  We made tasty biscuit nests with grape eggs.  

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