Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dr. Seuss in Preschool!

Everyone loves Dr. Seuss and we spent a week reading, creating and snacking, all in Dr. Seuss style!
Take a peek:

We started the week with Dr. Seuss' classic The Cat in the Hat

 We spiced things up and created the zany stripes on our hats by painting with balls.  Mix it up, try marbles, golf balls, tennis balls....bowling balls??
And some Cat in the Hat kabobs! Yummy! And super-healthy!

We thought up our own thinks after getting some Seuss-ified inspiration from the book!
And we had a delightful snack of 'Beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top'. Shhh, it's really vanilla pudding. :)

Green Eggs and Ham is one of my very favorites to read to the little ones and I also love serving up my own green eggs and ham....well, the eggs are green...something about green ham just seems kind of wrong to me. :)

The Lorax has a serious message delivered in a bright, colorful, rhyming package perfect for the kiddos.
No one can forget the amazingly beautiful Truffula Trees in the book, and when I saw this idea to make our own, I knew we had to try it.
We made take-home truffula trees with craft sticks and tissue paper.
Don't these look delicious?  I thought so too, when I saw them here.  And the kids devoured them!

We ended the week with Fox in Socks.
 I made some blue goo, but neglected to take pictures, so I borrowed this one from here. There is also a handy recipe on that site if you choose to make your own blue goo! 

I missed out on pictures of our 'cheese trees' for snack - hey, it was Friday - but just pop a cube of cheese on a pretzel stick and voila! Tasty!

The Seedlings loved our fun sock matching game.  Each kiddo got a colorful sock, then I hid the matching sock somewhere in the classroom.  Ready, set, search!

So much Seuss-y fun this week!!


  1. Superb post!! I got so inspired to try this out in my Phoenix kindergarten class. The idea of Dr. Seuss theme is just spectacular to teach the kiddos. These truffula trees with craft sticks and tissue paper are looking great. Great work!

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